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The Fault in Our Stars Screening

One of our Blonde Rebellion Staff members also works for Penguin Books, the publisher of John Green’s novel¬†The Fault in Our Stars. Today, she got to see a screening of the movie that releases June 6th.

“A big fan of the book, I was anxious to see what was in store for the movie. The trailer was amazing, and book sales sky-rocketed when it released, spurring on more fans to read the book. Not only that, it is officially the most-liked movie trailer in YouTube history.

Having re-read the book recently, I knew that a lot of the story was revealed in the trailer, and I was curious to see how much content would be ‘new’ to those who had never read the book. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!

The movie follows the book tremendously well, leaving out only a few small parts that really don’t provide much relevance to the plot-line, and so I think most readers are going to be extremely happy with the outcome. It was definitely a movie film, and the acting was superb. Both Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort played their parts phenomenally. Ansel pulled off the cocksure Augustus Waters and was also able to nail the emotional scenes. Shailene did exceptionally well with the emotional scenes — ohmygoodness the eulogy scene was fantastic — and definitely used dramatic pause to her benefit.

What was most surprising to me was Willem Dafoe as author Peter Van Houten — I wasn’t aware he was in the movie, but he played the part well.

2014-05-20 TFIOS_Dafoe


Overall, I would highly recommend¬†The Fault in Our Stars movie — I think the readers will genuinely love it because it stays so true to John Green’s original story.”

Hope you all enjoy!