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Movie Review: Don’t Think Twice

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Movie: Don’t Think Twice

We watched Don’t Think Twice, written and directed by Mike Birbiglia, at the recommendation of some colleagues. Birbiglia also plays one of the main characters. The ensemble cast includes some great names among it: Gillian Jacobs, Kate Micucci, and Keegan Michael-Key to name a few.

Overall, the film kept us entertained, but not laughing out loud. Don’t get us wrong, the film is funny, but since a lot of the improv is done in snippets, the overall effect is sometimes lost on the audience. The film does a great job of adding in a touch of realism through the emotional complexity of the characters. Much of the conflict in the film is emotional conflict, which adds depth to characters that are normally portrayed with a comedic flat-ness.

Gillian Jacobs’ role was our favorite, in part because she shows a range of her talents. Jacobs uses number of different voices and engages of a number of impressions that have not been showcased in her other projects.

Keegan Michael-Key plays a somewhat unlikable character, and by the end of the film we were over his character completely.

BR Rating: 5/10 – Rent it at home.