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Google Shopping Express

We had our first experience with Google Shopping Express over the weekend. We decided to order form four different stores just to see how efficiently the delivery would work; it was great!

We chose to have the delivery take place the day following when our order was placed — we ordered it late in the evening or we likely would have had the option for same day delivery. The order arrived in two separate deliveries within a four-hour time-slot that we chose upon placing the order.

Long Distance Relationship? Try Couple App

You’re not alone. The new Couple app — funded in part by Ashton Kutcher’s A-Grade Ventures — is a way to keep in touch with your significant other who lives far away; or even in the same city (Hoboken to Brooklyn, anyone?!).

The map¬†shows couples that are sending messages in real-time and also shows ‘trending’ location-to-location hotspots.

Beyond the ‘cool’ factor, the app actually has quite a lot of functionality behind it as well. You’re able to schedule calendar items,