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Movie Review: City of Gold

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Movie: City of Gold

The documentary City of Gold¬†outlines Jonathan Gold’s impact on the eating and food culture throughout Los Angeles, California. The film takes a close look at Gold’s background and how he is able to combine¬†culture and food into reviews that speak to large audiences.

Gold himself is an interesting character; a kind man who is as thoughtful with his words when he is speaking as when he is writing his reviews.

Song of the Day: Honky Cat by Elton John

We’re just going to be honest here. We have an obsession. One that is long-stemming from a childhood filled with Elton John-themed road trips, birthday parties and movies. Elton John has been with us our whole lives, and we love pretty much everything about him.

One of our favorite things in particular — besides his wonderful sartorial skills — is his song “Honky Cat” that was released in 1972 on his Honky Chateau album. It’s got that blues-y feel with the down-home lyrics that we love.