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Song of the Day: West Coast by Lana Del Rey

We’ve been in love with Lana Del Rey since  we first heard “Blue Jeans.” It is still in our top favorite songs.

The 27-year-old was born in New York City and she played around the city under various names before releasing her Lana Del Rey album in 2010. She’s said to have suffered from alcoholism at an early age.

Recently, Lana released her latest single “West Coast.” We think it is pretty fantastic.

Song of the Day: Honky Cat by Elton John

We’re just going to be honest here. We have an obsession. One that is long-stemming from a childhood filled with Elton John-themed road trips, birthday parties and movies. Elton John has been with us our whole lives, and we love pretty much everything about him.

One of our favorite things in particular — besides his wonderful sartorial skills — is his song “Honky Cat” that was released in 1972 on his Honky Chateau album. It’s got that blues-y feel with the down-home lyrics that we love.

Song of the Day: I Luh Ya Papi by Jennifer Lopez

Today’s song of the day is “I Luh Ya Papi” by Jennifer Lopez. It is one of our favorite songs of the summer, not only for its catch-iness, but also for it’s awesome commentary on the sexism endemic to much of the music industry. This video turns that sexism on its head and shows just how ridiculous many of the ways men expect women to act in music videos really are.

Go J-Lo!

Buy the single here.

Song of the Day: NYC Bitche$ by Awkwafina

We fell in love with Awkwafina almost immediately after the release of her single “NYC Bitche$” in March of 2013, and so it is today’s Song of the Day. The rapper includes fantastic lyrics about New York City and brings up some salient points about the cultures in certain boroughs. Also, the song is just funny.

Favorite thing we learned from this song: Loosies — or single, loose cigarettes often sold out of bodegas. It must be an East Coast thing,