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Arrow Season 2 Finale

The CW’s Arrow Season 2 finale was this past week, and boy was it good. SPOILER ALERT — After Felicity tells Oliver he needs to outsmart Slade, Oliver comes up with a plan to do just that. Oliver’s plan entails tricking Slade into believing that Felicity is the woman he loves — not Laurel — so that Slade will take her captive, allowing her to be close enough to him to administer the Mirakuru cure. The events leading up to this surprise ending were a complete mind-fuck to the audience. Maybe we’re speaking on behalf of all of the Olicity-shippers out there, but damn did we hope Oliver was really professing his love for Felicity!

Season two was filled with moments where Oliver and Felicity grow closer — like when she reveals to him that Malcom Merlyn is in fact his sister Thea’s father, or when he kills the Count to save Felicity after vowing to no longer kill as the vigilante in honor of his friend Tommy’s death — and so the scene where Oliver ‘reveals’ that Slade has taken the wrong woman (Laurel), and that Felicity is in fact the woman that he loves, is pretty much the culmination of all of our Olicity dreams coming true. THEN IT IS RIPPED AWAY FROM US!

Despite this tragic non-love story, the episode itself was very well-done and left the audience with a lot of open-ended questions to lead into season three. With Quentin Lance collapsing at the end of the episode, with obvious internal bleeding, we’ll get to see if he survives into the next season. Also, Sara Lance leaves with her ex-lover Nyssa, but leaves her symbolic leather ‘Canary’ jacket with her sister Laurel, which makes us wonder if Laurel will be stepping into any kind of super-hero role in the season to come. Then there is the beautiful John Diggle and his apparent bun in the oven! How will Team Arrow manage a baby in their midst?! We’re curious to see if we’ll learn more of Felicity Smoak’s background after the brief mention of her cocktail waitress mother who resides in Vegas in earlier episodes of the season. And lastly, WAS OLIVER  A PART OF A.R.G.U.S? How does he know Amanda Waller so well? WHERE IS HE?!